NETS-T Standard 1


Standard 1:

Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity-

Teachers use their surrounding environment, tools such as technology, and knowledge to demonstrate real world issues and help students learn through different types of learning styles.  Students learn through the use of technology but they are encouraged to think outside of the box.  Students and teachers are able to use the technological tools provided to create, learn, explore, solve problems, think, plan, collaborate, and reflect together.

  1. During the year, I have  my students work on a transition project for their IEP goals. They are required to research their chosen career and list several aspects about the job such as salary, education, hours, and travel. They then have to create a project of their choice that allows them to share with the class.
  2. I would like to have the students work on interactive assignments that help them understand what it is like to live alone and support themselves. They would have the chance to pick a realistic career and then pay bills and survive off a “pay check.” I think it is something important that students with a learning disability needs to experience since the drop-out rate is higher than for students without a disability.
  3. I have downloaded several apps on my iPad that could be used in the classroom but I was unsure of how to incorporate them into my tutorial class. I would like to play review games with my tutorial students to help them prepare for tests but I am unsure how to make the games and didn’t have the tools to do so.
  4. This year, the special education teachers in Greenville County are required to sign up for Edmodo. Teachers are able to watch webinars in the comfort of their own classroom or home when it is convenient for them instead of meeting at a chosen location with set hours. Special education teachers are then able to take a short quiz showing that they watched the webinar and understood what was being taught. Instructions and needed documents have been placed on Edmodo too for easy access as well. There is also a feed that allows teachers to easily communicate with any teacher in Greenville County as well as special education coordinators and the people in the district      making the rules for special education this year. It is definitely an      adjustment.

I am also working with an inclusion teacher this year that is having his students set up and Edmodo account where they will complete and turn in every assignment that they do this year. It is our first year doing this so I am interested to see how it works and if it works till the end of the year. I never would have thought going paperless in a classroom would have been possible.

I think as an inclusion teacher I haven’t had the opportunity to help the students learn through the use of technology as much as I would like to. This year is the first year that I have a promethean board in my classroom and I only had wireless during that last part of the school year. I did take my students to the library several times last year to use the computers to complete projects for other classes.


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