Students love to use technology, so why don’t all teachers?


Through my Students’ Eyes

Published by Cheryl Oakes in edtech, guestblogger on July 10th, 2009

This article talked about many different types of technology that was used to help students learn throughout their school years. At the beginning of their lives teachers encouraged learning through technology and were able to help teach the standards using these tools.  As the students reached high school it seems that teachers encourage students not to use the technology that they do have and would rather have them learn the necessary standards through old methods of teaching. Making class exciting and interesting through the use of technology is time consuming and needs to be constantly adjusted and updated. Also, back-up plans have to be made in case the needed tools are not working at the time. There are many teachers throughout the different grades that would rather teach the way they have been teaching for years rather than adjusting their plans to create excitement in the students and encourage learning.

As a student I remember one teacher in middle school requiring me to use technology for a project. I had to create a PowerPoint of my family and present it to the class.  He allowed us to use any backgrounds, fonts, and effects that we liked but that was as exciting as it got. I have a good grasp on a majority of the websites that I use daily for school but that is because I like to click on random icons so I can understand what they do. I usually become frustrated with technology when it doesn’t work as it should and I would prefer to avoid it if possible.

Although I don’t prefer to use technology, I would like to integrate it more into my tutorial classroom. I have a majority of males in my classroom this year so I think that technology is going to be an important tool for me in helping them learn and improve on their skills.  I would like to learn about the online writing program that was mentioned in the blog. I think that it would be a great tool for me to use in the classroom since I have several students this year with written expression as a disability.


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