How students learn compassion for others in Indonesia


I heard them say, love is the way

By: Miss Night

This article talked about a teacher who set up a partner school in Indonesia for her students and the other students to correspond with. Both sets of students asked questions about how each other lived, the things that surrounded them, and events that were currently going on in their country. The students liked learning about the Orangutans and the preserve nearby. The students were able to learn many things from this one activity. They learned about maps, rotation of the earth, temperature, animals, school life in Indonesia, current events, and life lessons. Several of these topics that they learned about probably wouldn’t have been as interesting if the teacher had just talk about it but it was interesting because the students got to ask questions and were given the opportunity to experience how someone else their age lives. Many of the students also learned other valuable lessons such as caring for others. When they learned that their international friends might be in danger from a natural disaster they asked why their friends couldn’t just come to their class because they had room.  Learning to have compassion for others is a great life skill to learn about at such a young age.

These students have had a great opportunity to learn through technology.  There are many things that these students will never forget because they were able to experience the events first hand or through interactive links.  I can see many students getting into this because the learning style is so interactive.  I really like that the students were able to ask questions about Indonesia and that they felt like they were apart of these other student’s lives.  I could see this being a great idea for all grades. I do think that this could be harder for middle and high school level grades to accomplish because of not having the students all day long as elementary does. I do think that there are similar concepts that the students could learn but on a more mature and deeper level.  This is a very cool idea. Sometimes I wish that I was a general educator so I could incorporate more things like this.


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