Technology can be so Intimidating


21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada

New Brunswick Department of Education

This video is about all the changes in the world that have occured in such a short amount of time thanks to the use of technology.  How we communitcate, work, play, and learn has all been greatly impacted by technology in some way. This video not only makes us aware of how much the world has changed but informs us that it is going to continue to change and that schools needs to show their adjustments too. This video shows how that 21st century schools not only teach students but they are active in their community and around the world starting with the youngest students.

This video scared me and gave me much anxiety. Although I am aware of everything that was presented in the video I feel that I try to ignore how much technology has become a part of our lives. When I was a student I was given the opportunity to be in a computer class weekly but what terrifies me the most is that the students know more than I do. Technology is changing so fast and so drastically that I struggle to find ways to keep up. Keeping up doesn’t mean knowing what the students know and using that piece of technology or program but being able to teach them something new and always be one step ahead of them. It is amazing how far technology has come and how dated it will be by 2020.


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