Remembering to keep the students engaged… not entertained!!


Teaching in the 21st Century

Author/ Creator: Kevin Roberts

This video discussed what it is like to teach in the 21st century. As seen on the video, students have endless opportunities to learn from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, cell phones, YouTube and IPods. Also, the video posed several real world questions that most teachers don’t ever ask. The video made it a reality that teachers are quickly being replaced by technology which is a scary thought.

The video’s main question was “What does it mean to teach?” Teaching is keeping the students motivated to learn through the use of a variety of resources. Teaching in the 21st century can be overwhelming and intimidating. There is so much technology out there that I have never heard of or only know about because of taking this technology class through the masters program. Teaching becomes harder and harder not because of having to know new content but because we are constantly having to keep up with the latest technology. Students are enthralled with technology and love using programs and apps they have never seen before. We don’t want to be replaced and we want students to understand the importance of a human connection while learning. There are some things that technology can’t provide students with yet and that is a student teacher relationship and real life experiences. Another interesting point brought up in the video is that we are no longer the main source of knowledge but more of a filter. We have to sift through the mounds of information that is being thrown at them and help then take away important facts or life lessons. The questions in the video are things that our students will encounter at some point in their lives and it seems that teaching is becoming more about how we will teach them to solve the problem and not about knowing the small or surface facts about the problem.

I do like the way the video presented the ignored fact that teaching is about engaging students, not entertaining them. I think it is important for all teachers to remember that and make sure to use technology wisely and when it is appropriate and not just because it is a way to keep them entertained. The key is to keep them engaged and challenge them to their furthest point and beyond.


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