Project Based Learning


Author: BIE

This video started about talking about what school used to be like. Memorizing facts, taking a test, and never fully grasping the deeper meaning. It explains that in a project based world our classroom should involve more kinesthetic movement as opposed to what has been done in the past which is sitting in a desk listening to a teacher talk. The video shows an example of how we are never expected to solve a problem alone. We are given a team or create a team to solve issues within our work environment. Students are taught about communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. 21st Century believes that allowing students to work in a group they build more skills working with others than if they memorized information and took a test.

I think that this video was an eye opener to me. I know that in my job I work with a team and if I have a problem I can go to a friend and ask for help. I am never expected to just figure the problem out for myself and hope that it’s correct. This is silly and would only get me in trouble if I was wrong. It seems so obvious now that students should be allowed to work in groups. I do think that they would learn more from each other and about the topic as opposed to memorizing everything. They also learn how to communicate and collaborate with each other as well use critical thinking skills. I named this Duhh because it seems like such an obvious thing however we as teachers always expect the students to be able to work alone and show us what they as an idividual can do not as a whole.


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