NETS-T Standard 5



Standard 5

Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstratingthe effective use of digital tools and resources.

a. Participate in local and global learning communities to explore creative applications of technology to improve student learning

b. Exhibit leadership by demonstrating a vision of technology infusion, participating in shared decision making and community building, and developing the leadership and technology skills of others

c. Evaluate and reflect on current research and professional practice on a regular basis to make effective use of existing and emerging digital tools and resources in support of student learning

d. Contribute to the effectiveness, vitality, and self renewal of the teaching profession and of their school and community


Teachers continuously sign up for professional development in order to improve their current teaching strategies, show students that we are always learning, and become a leader by using technology and different resources.


a. This is a weakness of mine. Before this year I struggled to use technology well in the classroom. I could barely use the promethean board and now I am starting blogs and actively using my IPad to keep students engaged. I am hoping that my cohort can continue to be my learning community for the next year.

b. This became a strength of mine this year as I have been thinking of ways to improve the tutorial classroom. I suggested allowing the students to start blogging about their potential careers and the other tutorial teachers really liked the idea. I have found that the librarian is also a great source for the latest technological resources

c. This is a weakness of mine because I go to professional development to learn about current research in the area of special education but I never do it for technology. I have quickly learned this year that using technology in the classroom is going to keep the students engaged and wanting to learn more. They are going to want to use the latest resources because it will be fun and they usually don’t realize they are learning.

d. This is going to be a strength of mine this year. Since I have started this class I have found more ways to include technology in the classroom and have been able to show other teachers how to do it too.  I am contributing to the life, use, and revitalization of technology through the use of the IPad and blogging.


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