The Business World Works in Groups… That’s Just the way it is.


Middle School Car: Ballon Project

Author: BIE

This was a fun video about a middle school using project based learning across an entire grade. The students used recycled materials to build a car that would actually work. The teachers collaborated and took a lesson from each piece of the puzzle. The math teachers talked about the banking side, english teachers had the students write a commerical for their car, and science teachers had professional scientists come in once a week to work the students. The students were given a card with some information on it about how much they earned a year and how many children they had which showed them what kind of a car they could in turn afford.

I thought that this was a great project. It hit all the core subjects that the students had as well as several standards across the board. The prinicipal’s comment about the business world works in groups is so true. I have never thought about it until now but it makes so much more sense to have students work together. You always have to be mindful of the “mooch” but students learn to work together and if one person isn’t pulling their weight they would get “fired” in the real world or receive a zero in the class room. I really enjoyed this video and may share it with my fellow teachers.


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