My last and Final Class Reflection


Reflection on the Class

                This has been an extremely informative class. I have never been a fan of technology because I have always seen it as an unreliable, complicated, and an unstable tool. It is constantly changing and I already struggle to keep up with the next hottest item.  I really enjoyed learning how to utilize familiar tools, such as PowerPoint and Excel, to make my classroom more engaging. I enjoyed making the interactive PowerPoint and the Jeopardy game. The Jeopardy game was one thing I wanted to learn in this class. I am excited to continue using this knowledge in my classroom and hopefully keeping up with the latest tools. My fears are that I am going to fall back into the rut I was in of never using technology because I can’t keep up with what’s new and fun.

                I hope to improve my use of technology in the classroom by following the several blogs that Mrs. Arnold gave us, continue taking professional development, and collaborating with co-workers. Mrs. Arnold gave us several names of blogs and sites that we could read that would help us keep up with what’s new in the classroom with the use of technology.  She informed us that is how she finds the latest tools. I also plan on taking several professional development classes during the summer that deal with technology and how to use the IPad. Collaborating with my tech savvy co-teachers is also something I will continue to do. This will be easy because as I see them use something new or different I will learn how to use it and find out what it is. I want to continue to use the Jeopardy games that I learned how to make, teach my students how to make interactive PowerPoint’s, and continue to allow the use of my IPad and engaging apps to help them learn.


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